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About the Game

Plates Across America™ is a game where you solve word puzzles to advance traveling along famous American driving routes. The goal is to try to complete the route with as few puzzles as possible. Each puzzle has many possible solutions, but the better your answer, the further you travel.

It's easy to learn, but hard to master!

How to Play

New Jersey License Plate
LMT 359

The game presents puzzles that consist of 3 letters on a license plate. You need to find a dictionary word that includes those three letter in the same order. When your answer is a valid matching word, you will travel a distance along the route based on how long the word was. The goal is to try to complete a route in the fewest puzzles as possible. The strategy is to look for the longest word you can think of to match the puzzle.

For example, in the license plate's puzzle above, "LMT", the word "limit" matches, but the word "climate" would be a better answer. "Climate" is a longer word (more letters) and would result in traveling further.

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Support a family developed game, refusal to sell your data and no ads.

With so many "free" games out there, why pay for this one? The simple answer is: privacy. Companies that provide "free" games have to make money somehow and they do this by selling your personal information: your email, the games you like, the times of day you play, how long you play, and even scarier things. The "free" game companies sell this to other companies that are compiling a database of all your actions from other games and web sites. Your data is then sold to companies and agencies that use it to manipulate and exploit you in ways you might not even notice.

For those "free" games, they are only free if you do not put any value on your privacy.

We do not not engage in any of these unsavory practices and we promise never to do so. The game was conceived, designed and developed by a family (wife, husband and daughter) with the philosophy that we should treat you the way we would want our family members to be treated. We are not interested in selling your data or exploiting you in any way. We will not annoy you with advertisements, excessive emails, newsletters, on-line tracking, solicitations or any of the other nonsense most other companies seem to think is an acceptable way to treat you.

Though we have enjoyed creating this game, it did take a lot time to develop and costs real money to keep it going. We hope to provide much more entertainment value for you than the small $2.39 purchase price.

This is a one-time, honest exchange of a small amount of money for access to a year's worth of entertainment value. A cup of coffee costs just as much and does last anywhere near that long.