A word and travel game.

About the Game

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Plates Across America® is a game where you solve word puzzles to travel along famous American driving routes. The goal is to try to complete a series of travel goals by visiting interesting locations along the way. Each puzzle has many possible solutions, but the better your answer, the further you travel. And the further you travel, the faster you will complete the goals. You can also compete against opponents in the multiplayer Group Game by seeing who has the best puzzle answers.

It's easy to learn, but hard to master!

How to Play
Maryland License Plate

The game presents puzzles that consist of 3 letters on a license plate. You need to find a dictionary word that includes those three letter in the same order. When your answer is a valid matching word, you will travel a distance along the route based on how long the word was. The longer or better your answer, the further you will travel and more points you earn. The strategy is to look for the longest word you can think of to match the puzzle.

For example, in the license plate's puzzle above, "LMT", the word "limit" matches, but the word "climate" would be a better answer. "Climate" is a longer word (more letters) and would result in traveling further, which means you could complete the route distance with fewer puzzles.

As you solve puzzles, you will earn points that can be used to reach travel goals. Each travel goal has you visit some interesting locations across the country. Solve all the travel goals and win the game!

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With so many "free" games out there, why pay?

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For those "free" games, they are only free if you do not put any value on your privacy!