Our Commitments

  • We will not use any third-party trackers.
  • We will only use cookies necessary for playing the game.
  • We will not pester you with advertising.
  • We will not sell or make available your email details to any third-parties.
  • We will only store your email, name and the data about your game play settings and history.
  • We will only used the game play data to help us improve the game and will not exploit this information in way that would violate your privacy.
  • We will never share your data with third-party companies.
  • We will only use your email to verify your identity and ensure we can communicate to you critical information about your account, payments or game status notifications.
  • We will only use trusted, certified partner companies to collect payments, all of which we will ensure are PCI compliant.
  • We will do not directly handle or store any of your payment method details.
  • We will be a good citizen and not use any "dark patterns" to try to trick or deceive you in any way when you use our service.
  • We will treat you and your data the same way we would want to be treated: respectfully.

Danger Zone: Data Deletion

If you would like your acount and game data to be removed, please Sign In and use the button on your User Settings Page. For security and safety, we validate that you are able to access your account before you are able to request its removal.

After deletion, we will not be able to recover your data. For safety, we may send a verification email before performing the deletion. It may require up to 10 business days before all the data is completely removed.