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A word and travel game.

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About the Game

Plates Across America™ is a game where you solve word puzzles to travel along famous American driving routes. The goal is to try to complete the route with as few puzzles as possible. Each puzzle has many possible solutions, but the better your answer, the further you travel.

It's easy to learn, but hard to master!

Trusted Player Program

Trusted Players Wanted

We are actively looking for players to give us feedback as we develop the game. Good game play requires good feedback and that is what we hope you can provide us.

Benefits of Being a Trusted Player

You will get free game access for a year and the top 10 trusted players that give us the most useful feedback will get a free Plates Across America™ t-shirt.

Becoming a Trusted Player

  1. Sign up and start playing.
  2. Email us with your feedback and about your interest in being a trusted player.
  3. Collect your free one year game access.
  4. Keep the feedback coming.

How to Provide Feedback

Simply Email Us with feedback.

Feedback Guidance

What types of questions will help us most?

  • Are the puzzles too easy or too hard?
  • What parts of the game were not easy to understand?
  • Which features do you find the most useful?
  • Are there features missing that you would like to see?
  • Do you notice any bugs or glitches?

How to Play

Oklahoma License Plate

The game presents puzzles that consist of 3 letters on a license plate. You need to find a dictionary word that includes those three letter in the same order. When your answer is a valid matching word, you will travel a distance along the route based on how long the word was. The goal is to try to complete a route in the fewest puzzles as possible. The strategy is to look for the longest word you can think of to match the puzzle.

For example, in the license plate's puzzle above, "LMT", the word "limit" matches, but the word "climate" would be a better answer. "Climate" is a longer word (more letters) and would result in traveling further, which means you could complete the route distance with fewer puzzles.