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Based in Austin, Texas and Antibes, France

  • Beta: March 8, 2020
  • Launch: September 10, 2020

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Plates Across America™ is an on-line word puzzle game with a travel theme. The game combines solving license plate letter puzzles with traveling across the United States along some of its most famous routes. The game provides entertainment for all ages and skills since it has a simple set of rules that makes it easy to learn, but there are many variations which make it hard to master.

The game presents puzzles that consist of 3 letters. The player needs to think of a word that includes those three letters in the same order. A successful solution will help the player travel along the route, but longer words help the player travel further. The goal is to to complete the route using the fewest puzzles possible. The family behind Plates Across America™ talks about how the rules and game came to be:

The family-based company that produced the game has a focus and commitment to protect people's privacy and respect their inbox. The company uses no tracking pixels, emails are always opt-in and no data will be shared with any third party companies.

The game offers a free demo of the single-player travel game and a free trial version of the full game. After the free trial, it is $2.39 for the next year, but it does not use a subscription model. Unlike many other companies, POMDP does not put the burden on their customers to cancel their subscription. The POMDP company believes it has the burden of providing a compelling enough game for people to decide to sign up again.


Plates Across America™ is POMDP's debut game. The game has been conceived, designed and developed by a family-based company (wife, husband and daughter). The license plate inspired word game had been a family developed idea for some time, but work on the travel-themed web-based game began in earnest in the Spring of 2019. Early versions of the initial features were released for beta testing starting in March of 2020. By September 2020, the feature set and game play refinements were completed and the first generally available version was released.


  • Two games in one: a single player travel game and a two-player race game.
  • Over 14,000 different word puzzles and over 8 million possible answers.
  • Dozens of famous American routes to choose from.
  • Personalized pages for tracking all your stats and your best routes scores.
  • Leaderboards and top scores for each game route and overall best game statistics.
  • Achievement badges for miles traveled, license plates collected, races won, and more.
  • License plates to collect from all 50 states (and D.C.)
  • Route signs as you travel to make you feel like you are really there.
  • City facts to help you learn about cities across the country.
  • In-game invitations to include family and friends.
  • Customizable leaderboards for only circle of friends.
  • Customizable usernames and avatars.


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About POMDP, Inc.

POMDP is a family business consisting of a wife, husband and their daughter. The company began as a consultancy, but has now shifted to focus on the development of their new game idea Plates Across America™. The company is based in Austin, Texas though their daughter does most of her work from the South of France where she is currently living.


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